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Vous connaissez peut-être déjà le site, mais je poste ça ici parce que je peux passer des heures dessus.

En gros, c’est une IA qui peut repérer des intox, mais qui vous permet également de générer des articles complètement fous.

C’est simple: vous pouvez rentrer des paramètres comme un domaine, une date, un nom de journaliste mais surtout un titre et l’IA va se baser dessus afin de générer un article.

Choisissez vos paramètres et ensuite cliquez sur le bouton ‘generate’ à côté du champ 'article' pour générer un article.

Ça donne des résultats amusants. N’hésitez pas à poster ici les résultats obtenus.
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Par exemple, l'IA devient complètement ZINZIN si vous mettez un mot random en japonais comme titre.
June 6, 2017 - Jack Timberton
The mother, an elderly woman, is crying. She places a soft white cushion on her forehead. My heart bleeds.

On May 11, 9.50 a.m., the primary school in eastern Guangdong province began a session for about 30 adolescents. The hour spent studying becomes a battle that never ends. First, there is the fight against sleep. At 9.30 a.m., one of the girls demands my attention. She wants to do what I’ve done every single morning for the past seven years: find the book and put it down so she can do her homework. I need to see. Before she puts the book down, I’m face to face with a ten-year-old girl running after me, a cheerfulness in her spirit, but a sneer taunting my desire to be private. What is she doing? I attempt to inch away so she can return to her books. But the sneer returns.

At 9.32 a.m., I have to step outside the classroom to buy a bagel for my commute. The girl has another book, and I’m trying to recall what I need. I ask her: She’s forgotten? She clarifies: Well, I think so. “Do you understand English?” I ask, but she doesn’t know, so I begin to do what must seem like a drill. “Read out loud a quote and repeat it: ‘A man who has a friend like us is worth the weight of 10 beautiful women.’” How did I do it? How did I memorize the phrase in such a short amount of time? This I think I do well, every day, but this morning, it’s the girl’s turn.
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Fake Article
June 6, 2019 - Alex Tekan
As the fights for the Avengers come to a close in Avengers: Endgame, the fight for control of the Marvel Cinematic Universe reaches its climax. While the studio’s enormous success may lead fans to think that the final MCU chapter will be an easy sell, Infinity War proved differently. Although the movie garnered critical acclaim, it was also proven that audiences have high expectations of Marvel’s Avengers movies, a provenance they are becoming more and more prone to expect. In the case of Avengers: Endgame, a high bar was already set because the previous installment, which technically serves as the conclusion to the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s first decade, was criticized for its slow pacing and narrative inconsistencies. One could argue that the success of Avengers: Infinity War warrants the hardcore character fanatics to wait for Endgame to see what happens in this highly anticipated, often hyped, culmination of a dozen of movies. In some ways, this does make sense, but a line must be drawn somewhere. Sometimes an average moviegoer is not in the mood to wait for an unbalanced, mediocre offering from the MCU, a sentiment that Endgame will likely be tasked with reassuring those concerned about the franchise’s direction. In a typical movie, there are the expected loopholes—parallel storylines, half of the main characters erased in the death of Thanos—and then there are films like the MCU.

Some viewers may not know it, but the MCU is itself a project begun in 2008 by Disney’s acquisition of Marvel. The latter company, founded by Stan Lee in 1965, began as the first of numerous partnerships Disney created in order to put out its original animated film on a consistent basis. In the 1960s, Walt Disney explored the possibility of releasing its movies in theaters in order to make money, but his grand plan was completely botched by oversaturation of the market. In response, the industry’s expansion should not be taken lightly. For roughly the next 20 years, Disney stepped into its subsidiary’s shoes, launching the wildly successful character franchises for which Disney remains notorious, like Maleficent and Sleeping Beauty and The Little Mermaid. These projects have yielded profits for the company in the billions, and while the acquisition of Marvel in 2009 seemed like a necessary force to keep the franchise on track, it probably wouldn’t have been so successful if Disney’s version of a comic book universe had not existed. However, as much as Disney has run its Marvel Studios, Marvel’s consistent and extremely successful B-movie style always feels a little more plastic and plain, as if it’s being given an extra face wash when compared to the artistic cauldrons like Pixar. Marvel, in comparison to the rest of the cinema industry, has always favored drier, dank colors and visual elements to show off the effects of high tech art. It is this difference that makes viewers feel like they are seeing an inferior product when comparing a film like Avengers: Infinity War to, say, Black Panther. For a follow-up to the creative success of Black Panther to completely blow Marvel fans away, it must get so much more personal, because that is what excites us the most.

Endgame definitely shows some of that edge of darkness. Perhaps fans should have anticipated an R-rated MCU installment, but the hilarious humor in Avengers: Infinity War speaks for itself. Of course there are rules to the MCU, and characters need to work with their other friends and family members in order to survive. However, the weird, unpredictable moviegoing experience of the MCU was invented for the first time in Phase 3 to thwart viewers from getting comfortable with the conventions of expected moviegoer behavior. Avengers: Infinity War was fantastic, but it is still a bit of a cut above the rest. The MCU has been through a lot in 10 years, and the struggle for survival is something viewers have been waiting to see in Endgame. It doesn’t feel too convenient to hurry over to watch this movie, especially when the sheer number of MCU films translates to just the 100th.

With the number of films still to come in the MCU, most people have about 20 years to reach an intellectual plateau while waiting for Endgame to come out. As the MCU enters its new chapter, it does so with its foot firmly planted on the proverbial ground. Hopefully Marvel comes up with something that justifies this mode of thinking.
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in your deep dark cave in Antarctica surrounded by a layer of 45 meters of snow and 50 underground , also serving as an anti-nuclear and chemical shelter as well as shelter in the event of the end of
June 6, 2019 -
In 1983, a US Navy helicopter, on a test flight, crashed into a hidden sea cave, with none of the crewmembers being able to escape. After the crash, the US Navy was given a permit by the UN to explore this underwater cave system. Years later, the military discovered a reason to destroy this cave: the cave proved to be a "highly effective" shelter for Antarctic nuke shelters.

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NAIROBI, Kenya, Jun 6 – As a soccer player, I have been influenced by my peers to love the game. However, I never followed the game when I was young. I would just stand and watch the games on TV, listening as my friends either told stories of their success or their failures in both school and football. Those who were associated with sport as a hobby would usually tell me the stories of how they ended up in one of the big clubs in South Africa, England, Germany, Australia, USA etc.

But on all these occasions, no one told me the importance of developing a sense of belonging. Yes, I am a resident of Nairobi and hence, a captive audience in the rugby field or the football field. I was not interested in what my mates were reading, watching or doing. To me, sport was something I did because I got a chance to attend a place that I was supposed to end up in if my dreams came true. And yes, it would be an abnormal condition to reach these types of places without not having a level playing field.

I followed football as a kid in South Africa, but had to quit because I did not have my share of the team, playing in the second or third team. Rugby too, came second, but as it stands, I still play for the Kenya national team, Victoria.

You get the idea. And as I got older, I started to pay attention to the lessons passed on by these youth when they tell you about their unmatchable bond of friendship with those who beat them in the park. How they would always support each other and just as any one person would not take anything personally when the ball is kicked, their mates would not let go of any defeat and let their friends cry over the loss.

What a waste of potential. The game of football has a lot to offer in terms of young people bonding. The thirst for success is not there as one would expect. But what I have noticed, other sports have adopted the culture of never leaving any friend behind. When your teammate scores the first goal, you rush to celebrate with him. When the defending team scores, you congratulate them. When they are down, you encourage them to believe in the power of the brave heart.

On the third day of a football match, the referee calls time in the second half. The opposing players, many of whom have never played any other sport will go quietly and leave the field. The fans will cheer them down, but once they are about to leave, those on the other team will come running to block their exit so as to tell them that they are still their friends. The gist is that no matter what happens, even a victory is incomplete without the celebrating, constant support and the vindication that comes with being teammates.

Now that I am a footballer, I often think of these scenarios and the psyche of why some of my teammates are somehow more motivated to play than others. What drew me to sport was the fact that we learned to do without the support of family and friends, and that gave us a different outlook on the world.

However, I got to understand that even without support, we can still achieve on a level playing field. Coaching is the role of those who have time, when one of us is suffering from injury or illness, we have a ‘South African clinic’ to call.

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